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6 Secrets for Growing the Tastiest Tomatoes

May 20, 2019

6 SECRETS FOR GROWING THE TASTIEST TOMATOES May 16, 2017/in Summer Gardening / A good tomato is hard to forget. You know you’ve hit the jackpot in that first, juicy bite. Every tomato has the potential to be great and some extra attention now will pay off big time come harvest. Set the stage for a stellar […]

Spring Fertilizer Tips

April 12, 2019

What Does Fertilizer Actually Do? April 3, 2019/in Espoma Videos / Laura walks us through fertilizing trees, shrubs, perennials in early spring. Wait until you see some growth on your plant to fertilize. 1. Gardening always starts with the soil. Organic fertilizer “feeds the soil that feeds the plants”. The process by which organic fertilizers deliver their nutrients enhances the fertility and […]

Why, When, and How to Apply Lime to Your Lawn

March 25, 2019

This article previously appeared on for the whole article Click Here Lime is just about the best thing you can give to your lawn… In many parts of the country, adding lime to your lawn is as essential as mowing it. Without lime, lawn grasses may be unable to benefit from the nutrients in […]

Autumn is a great time for planting

February 22, 2019

Research shows that upgrading a property’s landscaping can significantly increase the value. Many folks are surprised to learn that autumn runs a close second to spring as an ideal planting time, but it’s true: cool temperatures, reliable rainfall, and short, bright days help plants make a quick and easy transition to your landscape. Despite the […]

How Much Does Landscaping Really Add to a Home’s Value?

February 21, 2019

This article previously appeared in Turf Magazine in 2016 Research shows that upgrading a property’s landscaping can significantly increase the value. The value of an attractive landscape to a home’s perceived value has often been stated at 15 percent. Is this figure reliable, and what landscape features do contribute to the value of a home? […]