Our Family Owned NJ Garden Center Offers the Best Native Plants and Trees

We all want beautifully landscaped and serene yards.  A locally-based landscaping company like Cerbo’s Greenhouse and Garden Center knows New Jersey’s landscaping and environmental needs.  For your larger projects, the pros at Cerbo’s Hampton Nursery and Cerbo’s Parsippany Greenhouse know what will work best to promote a beautiful landscape while supporting and helping the local environment. Not only will you be shopping local, you will be shopping for locally-grown plants and trees.  

Cerbo’s Greenhouse early 1900’s

Established in 1913, Cerbo’s Greenhouse and Garden Center is committed to providing you with the utmost in customer service.  For more than 100 years, the passionate staff of landscaping experts have been proudly serving the community.  They are knowledgeable not only about their products, but also the needs of the area.  Their locally-grown plants and trees are acclimated to the New Jersey soil and ecosystem, saving time, money, and the environment.

Important to Use NJ  Native Plants and Trees

Many of the big-box competitors import their inventory from out of state, but Cerbo’s Hampton Nursery and Cerbo’s Parsippany Greenhouse grow almost everything they sell.  Landscaping elements that are not native to New Jersey can pull water away from other plants resulting in increasing water usage or decreasing the lifespan of the natural plant life.  This is especially important if you are planning a larger landscaping project, and the experts at Cerbo’s Greenhouse and Garden Center wholesale markets can help point you in the right direction. 

Cerbo’s Hampton Nursery

It is important to support the local wildlife with its natural habitat.  From the lowly bug to the occasional bear, these creatures depend on nutrients found in plant life native to the area, and other creatures depend on them.  When that chain is broken, both flora and fauna can dwindle in number, further negatively impacting the ecosystem.  Native trees and plants like those raised at Cerbo’s Hampton Nursery and Cerbo’s Parsippany Greenhouse provide food and shelter to the local wildlife, in turn promoting a healthier ecosystem. 

Offering the Best Flowers, Plants, and Trees to Plant in NJ

This home-grown business can also offer a much wider variety than what you will find at many of the larger chains.  You can also be sure that the trees and plants you select for your project are fresh and haven’t spent days on a truck being hauled across the country potentially carrying alien bugs or disease.  Both Cerbo’s Hampton Nursery and Cerbo’s Parsippany Greenhouse offer acres of local trees and plants, so you’re sure to find just what you need.

A beautiful landscape should benefit your eyes, your wallet, and the environment.  Talk to New Jersey’s landscaping pros at Cerbo’s Greenhouse and Garden Center retail and wholesale markets to see how you create your own piece of landscaped paradise.

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