Bulk and Bagged Products

Cerbo isn’t just your local nursery with four generations of history. We have all of the gardening and landscaping gear you require to transform your yard into a lush, green paradise! Products like bag mulch, bag soil, seeds, fertilizer, and aggregates work behind the scenes so your trees, bushes, plants, flowers, and grass can flourish throughout the year. 

So, load up on bulk products to make yard work a breeze.

Get Growing With Soil 

Growth begins with the smallest seeds and the richest soil. Give your garden the best chance to bloom with bag mulch and bag soil. Some of the options you’ll find include topsoil, peat, and loam. If you have a big job, don’t hesitate to ask about our delivery service. We’ll haul your soil and fertilizer directly to your door! 

Not a soil scholar? No need to worry. Our experienced team will help you discover what type of soil works best for your grass, trees, or outdoor plants. There are different topsoil categories for growing fruits and vegetables and growing grass or plants.

Topsoil isn’t limited to one type: discover what grade you need depending on what you’re planting. For example bag soil for potted plants will have different nutrients than lawn soil. When you’re selecting bag soil, you’ll need fertilizer, too. Think of this as plant food – whatever you’re growing requires food to survive! 

Some fertilizer types you’ll find are organic, synthetic, or liquid. The one you choose may vary depending on the soil you’re using, where you live, and what you’re growing. 

De-Slick With Ice Melt and Rock Salt

You’ve likely seen bulk salt before in stores. The answer is simple. Keeping products like bulk salt, ice melt, and rock salt on hand means you’re prepared for winter. Cerbo can assist snow removal companies with bulk salt and homeowners with bag salt. 

A harsh winter can decimate even the most thriving plant life. Using rock salt isn’t recommended for plants, but you can use it to reduce the amount of ice and snow on your driveway, stairs, or sidewalk. In addition, ice melt, which contains different chemicals, is safe to use on icy shrubs, grass, or plants. 

Keep ice melt and bulk salt in your garage for when winter hits, and you’ll always be ready to guard your garden against dropping temperatures and precipitation. 

Thank You Very Mulch 

Mulch and aggregate may look nice, adding a bit of visual interest to your shrubs and trees, but it’s not just about appearances. Adding a layer of bag mulch or gravel aggregates around your shrubs, bushes, and trees can give your yard added protection from the elements, keeping your soil moist and eliminating the risk of weeds. 

Some of the most popular types of bag mulch and aggregates we carry include: 

  • Hemlock
  • Bagged cedar
  • Bagged hardwood
  • Quarry process
  • Bagged red or black cedar
  • Gravel 

Step into Cerbo for everything you need to cultivate a beautiful lawn, garden, and patio. We will use our 100+ years of experience to help!