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Summer Gardening

Summer isn’t typically the time to transplant and uproot plants, but if you have perennials, you’ll enjoy the beautiful blooms as the weather turns warmer. It’s a misconception that you cannot plant in the summer. You can certainly plant balled-up plants, but you cannot uproot plants that are already in the ground.

Your plants may need special care during the summer months, and you can also use summer to care for the plants you’ve added to your yard in the springtime. Cerbo’s has you covered for a beautiful lawn year-round.


Brighten your backyard with tropicals this summer. These standout plants thrive in sunny conditions (and in some cases, shady spots, too!), making them perfect for your patio, sidewalk, or yard. Here are a few to keep in mind when you’re shopping. 

Hibiscus flower
  • Hibiscus – Gorgeous flowers come in many colors, and these plants are flexible and versatile. They work indoors and outdoors and instantly liven up the look of any area. 
  • Canna Lily – Pop these pink plants in full sunlight for added dazzle in your yard. They’re also available in shades of orange, red, and yellow. 
  • Caladium – A go-to for greenery, pretty caladium stuns with heart-shaped leaves. Plant them in pots or a shady yard spot for some sizzle. 
  • Palm Tree – Bring the beach to you by growing your palm trees! Try the Windmill variety and plan on relaxing in a hammock nearby. 

Vegetables and Herbs

There’s nothing like heading out to your garden to pick veggies and herbs for a homemade summer meal! Plenty of veggies and herbs thrive in warm weather, so plan to plant these to correspond with summer ripening. 


Some warm-season vegetable options to plant in spring to be ready in summertime include tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, corn, artichokes, onions, and eggplant. Some summer herb selections feature basil, oregano, parsley, chives, rosemary, sage, and thyme are perfect picks! 

Get to planting by March or April and reap the rewards come summer! 

Annuals and Perennials

Once you have plants and veggies on lock, it’s time to embrace annuals and perennials. These plants pay off dividends in summer, boasting beautiful flowers that are sturdy and easy to maintain. 

For summer, annuals and perennials to stock up on include petunias, begonias, black-eyed Susan, geraniums, daisies, phlox, zinnias, and coneflowers. 

Lavender is another option that looks and smells beautiful when temperatures shoot up. Hibiscus is great for direct sunlight and may even attract cute hummingbirds to your backyard! Brightly colored bee balm also attracts birds and butterflies and offers a lovely pink splash of color. 

Add sunny marigolds to a planter pot or soil for an easy-to-maintain pick that provides lovely flowers in various shades such as yellow, orange, and white. They also keep the bad bugs at bay, so many people like planting them near vegetable gardens.

Trees and Shrubs 

Shrubs that grow in the summer ensure your yard stays lush as temperatures rise. There are a few different trees and shrubs to consider, depending on your available space and your picks for the perfect plant.

If you want flowering shrubs, some lovely options include endless summer hydrangea or the pretty-in-pink butterfly bush. 

Magnolia tree

Magnolia trees bloom in summer, as do crepe myrtle trees and wisterias. Smoke trees have a unique look that’s eye-catching, with clouds of purple leaves that resist droughts. 

Alternatively, consider rose trees – they don’t grow excessively tall, they’re hardy, and they’re simple to keep up. A type of dwarf tree, they offer beautiful and consistent flower payoff at under 5 feet tall. 

Not sure what to plant in spring to enjoy this summer? Consult the experts at Cerbo’s now to have lots to love about your lawn once the weather gets warm!

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