The 10 Most Popular House Plants in Our Parsippany Greenhouse

House plants are beautiful, and there’s no denying it. But did you know that there are many health benefits of having plants inside your space? For example, the presence of plants can help soothe anxiety, boost your mood and creativity, and improve the air quality in your home. 

Read on for a list of our best-selling house plants at Cerbo, then come pick out some plants of your own to reap the rewards of indoor house plants! 

Snake Plants 

Looking for a sturdy house plant that will thrive no matter your lighting situation?Look no further than dracaena trifasciata or the snake plant in more common term. You may feel like keeping house plants is daunting if you don’t have a green thumb, but snake plants are commonly referred to as ‘unkillable’ plants that can grow in dark or light conditions. 

Snake Plant

String of Pearls 

A beautiful, eye-catching house plant that symbolizes friendship and faith, the aptly named string of pearls boasts flowering vines that appear to mimic the beads of a pearl necklace. Successfully keeping a string of pearls requires a combination of direct and indirect sunlight, and this pretty perennial shouldn’t be too hard to take care of, even for plant novices. 

Tradescantia Nanouk

This plant’s name is a mouthful, but the purple-tinged tradescantia nanouk adds a perfect pop of color to any room of your home. The tradescantia nanouk flourishes in bright, natural light, a great addition to a room with windows. It’s known for its trailing ivy that elevates the already glamorous plant. 

Philodendron Birkin

The word ‘philodendron’ translates to ‘tree lover’ in Greek. Philodendron birkin plants feature contrasting green and white leaves that are oversized and round, ensuring they can liven up any area of your home with ease. Perfect for indirect light, your philodendron birkin will stay beautiful year-round as they grow slowly. 

Variegated String of Hearts

A lush, hanging succulent plant, a variegated string of hearts features trailing leaves marked by splashes of pink or white. These lovely leaves can grow to reach lengths of over 9 feet, so planting them high above can have dazzling results. Avoid harsh sunlight with this plant to ensure optimal health and growth. 

Begonia Maculata (Polka dot plant)

Called the polka dot plant for its quirky patterned leaves, the begonia maculata makes a striking statement. Beautiful leaves that some say are wing-shaped sprout from this whimsical house plant. Keep the begonia maculata moist and sit in indirect sunlight for the best results. 

Begonia Maculata

Philodendron Pink Princess

Considered a collector’s item for house plant fans, the coveted and stunning philodendron pink princess is a rare, evergreen plant with brightly-hued pink leaves. It’s characterized by upright-growing vines and makes a standout addition to your house plant collection. 

Monstera Adansonii Wide Form (Swiss Cheese Plant)

Once you lay eyes on the monstera adansonii wide form, you’ll immediately see why people call it the ‘swiss cheese’ plant. his visually interesting foliage is a climbing, draping plant with wide leaves dotted with holes, making for an eye-catching house plant. The heart-shaped leaves and deep green coloring make monstera adansonii wide form a unique pick for a house plant.

Monstera Adansonii

N’Joy and Pearls and Jade Pothos

Low-maintenance plants are perfect for people who don’t have much time to care for indoor foliage. N’joy and pearls and jade pothos are bred from the marble queen pothos plant, so they are quite similar-looking. The n’joy has slightly lighter-colored leaves than pearls and jade pothos, which has more gray and green than white, but the structure of the plants is very much the same. Keep them in indirect light for pretty climbing vines with colorful leaves. 

Ficus Elastica Tineke (Rubber Tree Plant)

With leaves featuring green, pink, and yellow pops, the brightly-hued ficus elastica tineke, also called a ‘rubber tree,’ is a sturdy, simple, and stunning option for an indoor house plant. It fits in well no matter the decor scheme, and it doesn’t overpower its surroundings. Perfect for growth in indirect light, a rubber tree offers subtle sizzle to your home.

Interested in adding a house plant to your home? Get in touch with the experts at Cerbo today to revive your decor with beautiful and easy to care for greenery!