Farm to Table

Cerbo Greenhouse wholeheartedly embodies the concept of farm to table when serving up the absolute freshest fruits and vegetables, making every meal the cream of the crop. 

Discover more about why fresh food using local produce should be your priority when it comes to purchasing, ordering, and enjoying Produce and Jarred Goods.

Benefits of Using Local Produce

Why should purchasing produce at a farmers market or other local produce carrier be of the utmost importance to you? 

Here are a few reasons why getting involved in a CSA or switching your weekly shopping to include produce from a local grower can help our city’s economy — and your health!

Benefit 1: Food Transparency

You know where your food came from! Have you ever wondered where the food on your plate began its journey? With local produce purchased from a farm or via CSA, you always know exactly where your fruits and vegetables were born. This can put your mind at ease when you’re digging into fresh food – there’s no questions about its origin.

Benefit 2: Help Local Businesses

Helping local farmers is a boom to the economy! Why put money in strangers’ pockets when you can boost farmers’ livelihoods in your own community? Support local businesses and families while growing profits within your neighborhood.

Benefit 3: Locally Grown

Locally grown food that comes straight from the farm to your fridge, such as meat, jarred goods, dairy items, and of course, produce, is much healthier and higher in nutritional value. There are fewer preservatives since your fresh food doesn’t have to travel far, and it may even be pesticide-free.

Shopping the Farmers Market

What’s better than waking up on a Saturday morning bright and early, grabbing a cup of coffee and meeting the day at a sunny farmers market? At Cerbo, we host a daily market at our neighborhood Parsippany store! You don’t have to make a long drive or rearrange your day to shop produce that’s fresh off the farm. 

Though what we have may vary due to availability, you’ll be able to procure produce, natural beef and pork, and a myriad of jarred goods. Stocking your fridge with fresh food means you’re supporting your health and your community while making an important decision to stand with your neighborhood by supporting local farmers.


What Is the CSA Program?

You may have heard the term “CSA” but don’t know what it means exactly. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and Cerbo takes part in a CSA program that extends from June to October. 

This makes it simple to get local produce as you can reserve your share ahead of time and make weekly pickups so you know your delicious, fresh fruit, jarred goods, vegetables, and meat will always be there. This helps you out by eliminating the guesswork of buying produce and helps support farmers as they work to bring their crops to stores and restaurants in your community.

Click here to download our CSA contract

If you have questions about the CSA program or about any of our farmers markets or local produce, contact Cerbo today at 973-600-3919. The Cerbo family has been farming for over 100 years and four generations.

The Cerbo family helps bring farmers and friends together for the freshest food that brings community to the table!