10 Most Popular Ornamental Trees Sold in Our Parsippany Greenhouse

As the name implies, ornamental trees are typically grown, well, just because! They’re stunning and add eye-catching visuals to any outdoor space, and some of them do double duty as natural privacy screens. There are many beautiful benefits to adding ornamental trees to your yard. 

Talk to us at Cerbo’s, and we’ll help you choose the tree of your dreams to elevate your lawn game! Here are some of our best-selling favorites.

Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis)

Popping with purple blooms, the eastern redbud tree is a deciduous tree that blooms in the springtime. They’re not too big, so you don’t need a lot of space for them, as their height typically tops out at around 20 to 30 feet. Plant them in the springtime in a partly shaded area, and enjoy the look of this low-maintenance tree or shrub.

Eastern Redbud

Forest Pansy Redbud  

Brilliant dark lilac buds burst from the forest pansy redbud, an ornamental tree known for small blooms even during the wintertime. These standout trees transform with each season, keeping your yard exciting and bright. They are versatile and small, making them perfect for walkways, borders, or sidewalks and they’re minimal to maintain, making them perfect for busy gardeners.

Kwanzan Cherry

A stunning tree showing springtime blooms of bold pink shades, the kwanzan cherry is a popular pick for a reason. Cascading clusters of flowers fall around the tree, and the fact that it’s hardy makes it even more appealing. In addition, it changes colors in fall and spring, keeping your neighbors guessing which color is next!

Yoshino Cherry

Also referred to as a Japanese flowering cherry, the yoshino cherry meets and exceeds expectations for flowering ornamental trees. Vibrant, stunning pinkish-white blooms and an unmistakable sweet almond scent keep this tree in demand. It blooms best in springtime and grows well in full or partial sunlight.

Yoshino Cheery Tree

Autumn Cherry

Autumn cherry trees grow to heights of 30 feet while sweeping you off your feet. Marked by pink flowers, this all-season stunner is easy to care for and attracts beautiful birds and bees to your yard year-round. Though the best blooms happen in springtime, you’ll love the color that comes in each season of growth with this terrific tree.

Weeping Cherry

Elegant and beautiful, the weeping cherry is named for its draping, flowing, cascading blooms. These trees can last for decades with very little maintenance, making them a favorite. Perfect for a pretty shade tree, these ornamental trees produce small berries that wildlife love, making your cherry tree a hangout for birds and small animals.


White buds in the springtime make the crabapple a dazzling option for warm weather foliage. They’re versatile as they come in multiple sizes to suit your specific situation, and they’re mostly resistant to diseases and reasonably sturdy. Plant one in spring or fall and maintain it with little care, and you’ll get a pretty payoff when it blooms.

Carolina Silverbell

Also called a snowdrop tree, this white-tipped Carolina silverbell serves up a shade-loving tree that offers a canopy of light-colored flowers. Bell-shaped flowers appear in spring, and the leaves of the tree change from green to yellow in the fall, keeping the tree lovely all year.


The fragrant styrax is often referred to as the snowdrop bush, produces pretty white flowers that hang upside-down facing the ground.

This is a perfect plant for full sunlight, but you’ll find that styrax will bloom just fine in shady areas. Styrax also attracts butterflies, bees and birds who want to feed off the nectar of the blooms, so enjoy the critters in your yard that come to enjoy this pretty plant.


A dense tree that produces delicate white flowers and small red berries, the chokecherry demands attention. This ornamental shrub typically blooms throughout the summer and early fall, depending on your locale. They are tolerant of shady conditions but may not survive truly harsh winters. 
Want to groom your garden for aesthetics? Enjoy the pure natural beauty of an ornamental tree. Stop by Cerbo’s Parsippany Greenhouse today and check out our top-selling trees to take home!

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