Retail Nursery

What comes to mind when you think about heading to your nearest neighborhood nursery? Do you think of an outside retailer thick with lush trees, shrubs, and perennials available for purchase? 

Did you know that Cerbo offers retail and wholesale purchasing as well as landscaping materials? So, grab a shovel and dig into what we can do to add some green goodness to your life! 

Services Offered

It’s not a problem if you cannot fit all of your flowering plants, bushes, and perennials into your car. Cerbo can deliver your gardening needs directly to your home. 

Purchase what you need, and we’ll gladly load up ornamental trees, landscape material, mulch, soil, or gardening tools you desire, and Cerbo brings it straight to your door — or yard!

Cerbo can help you determine the best plants for Zone 5 and Zone 6 — a medium-length growing season typical of northern New Jersey, southern New York, and other similar climates.

Not a perfect potter? No worries. Purchase house plants, flowering trees, or a pretty perennial, and we’ll help re-pot it in the container of your choice. Throwing a soiree and need some greenery? Let us help you pick out the perfect centerpieces and decorative plants and pots to add visual interest to any garden gathering and enhance the beauty of your landscape temporarily or permanently!

Gardening Gear 

When you head out to purchase retail or wholesale landscape material, bushes and shrubs, or flowering plants, you’ll find that and more at our retail nursery. 

Here are a few basics of buying at our nursery and what you can expect to find on your next foray!

  • Mulch – including topsoil and other aggregates
  • Growth goods – such as peat moss, bagged soil amendments, straw, and organic fertilizers
  • Plants – these include trees, shrubs, flowering trees, flowering plants, bushes, and ornamental trees. Some examples you’ll find here are boxwood, dogwood, wisteria, maple, and cedar, among many other varieties of plants 
  • Seeds – freshen up your lawn with grass seeds of all kinds
  • Seasonal items – grab pumpkins in the fall and wreaths, poinsettias, and mums when they’re in season
  • Pottery – liven up your lawn and patio with hanging baskets, pots, and planters meant to elevate any plant!
  • Farm to market – load up on fresh produce and jarred goods while you’re here and celebrate fresh food! 
  • Wholesale – Are you a landscaper or property manager? No problem! Cerbo’s has separate wholesale material and pricing for any size job.

Benefits of Shopping Cerbo

Why opt for your neighborhood nursery instead of driving to a chain gardening store? There are a few reasons why you should snag your shrubs, trees, flowering plants, and bushes at Cerbo. 

Our yard in Parsippany is backed by about 300 acres of tree farm and nursery. Cerbo grows an abundant amount of what is sold in the nursery and garden center. This ensures high-quality plants and keeps us extremely competitive in the market. This is one fact that makes us different.

First, we’ve been in business since 1913, so we know what we’re doing when it comes to flowering trees, ornamental trees, landscaping material, and landscape supplies — and we deliver!

Secondly, supporting a local nursery means putting money back into our community, which in turn helps support local farmers and their families. It’s a win-win! We also participate in a CSA program, which allows you to get a great deal on local produce throughout the season. 

With over 100 years of experience across four generations of Cerbo family members at the helm, there’s no reason not to trust Cerbo with your wholesale and retail gardening needs. It’s green in the greenhouse all year.