Did you know you can purchase the plants you need at Cerbo’s, including trees, perennials and house plants, ornamental shrubs and trees, bushes, and other types of greenery? 

But, you can also count on Cerbo’s for other necessities too, including pottery and other garden essentials. You’ll need these things to create the landscape you’ve been dreaming of.

Grab your gloves and spade, and let’s get some new greenery gear! 

Garden Pottery and Planters

The right pottery can change the way your plants look and elevate the decorative plants in your home or on your patio. Cerbo’s offers a wide variety of plant pots and other garden essentials for all types of plants and styles, including:

  • Indoor pots – this includes hanging baskets for beautiful blooms, plastic flower pots, ceramic plant pots, and plant baskets of various sizes and designs.
  • Outdoor pots – purchase hanging baskets for outdoor plants as well as hardy outdoor pots that can withstand the elements and keep plants in place and protected year-round
  • Flower pots – elevate your favorite flowers in just the right flower pot – we’re happy to help you re-pot any plant you desire right here at our nursery, whether you’re seeking indoor pots or outdoor pots for your plants.
  • Decorative pottery – jazz up your plants and flowers with beautiful pottery that complements your existing design scheme or landscape, including plant pots. 

Grass Seed for Lush Lawns

It all starts with seeds, and though they may not look like much at first, a sprinkling of seeds can transform your lawn into a lush landscape! Check out some of the grass seeds you can purchase while you’re at Cerbo’s. Pick up new indoor pots and other garden essentials, too.

Cerbo carries a variety of grass seed mixes, depending on the look and feel you want. Some of these include our patented Contractors Mix, Sun and Shade Mix, All-American Mix, and Full Sun Mix. Talk to our landscaping experts to discover which type of grass seeds are right for your lawn.

Fertilizer for Fruitful Plants

Once you have your seeds, you’re almost ready to grow. First, however, you can jump-start your grass, perennials, shrubs, bushes, trees, and other plants with some fertilizer. Cerbo’s offers everything from Starter Rich and Shrub Rich to Seed Aide, Proscape, Merit, and Treflan.

You can also stock up on hay, peat moss, lime, tree stakes, and other garden essentials to maintain your lawn and patio perfectly no matter what the season is. 

Our employees are happy to help you select the right lawn seed starter and fertilizer to ensure your grass grows green and healthy whether your lawn sits right in the sun or you’re trying to grow grass seed in a shady area, and if you’re buying in bulk, discuss delivery options with us to lighten your load. 

Design the yard you’ve always wanted with perfect pottery and a luscious lawn, courtesy of the gardening pros in the Cerbo greenhouse! You’re in good hands thanks to four generations of Cerbo family members at the helm, and over 100 years of experience.